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170gsm Silk Flyer Printing For Filthy McNastys in Aug 2013

he informed me they don't do discounts so I walked away telling him I would get a better deal online but thanks anyway.

It takes time to get that hard-nosed A5 Flyer Printing

Having said that, its cheaper in that store than online, and they do free delivery so when I do go back to buy it, I will be sure to disguise myself heavily so as not to be recognised

A4 Flyer Printing pink shrimps not had them for a long, long time, never even thought to look at A6 Flyer Printing for them, should be in there about 8.30pm tomorrow night ( got to pick up some books from someone who offered them on Freecycle ( all about the history of food in UK in past 1000 years, since looking at wartime food its got me interested in what was eaten before and lo and behold someone offers 6 books on the subject yesterday and I was only person to ask for them, I wonder why A5 Flyer Printing) so cannot collect them till after 7.45pm so said to hubs we can pop into Silk Flyer Printing on way back, he is not the happiest about it, I wonder why that is, but got these gaps in my bookcase pantry that are just crying to be filled and only have a week of poor youngest doggies trays, although we do have enough dried food in till at least February. It is hard on him as he actually has overtime tomorrow so is working a full day, lets hope there is more, well shouldn't wish it, as if there is overtime it means someone is off, and with the redundancy hanging over them I guess the person must be really ill.

Just swopped our HUGE old big box tv for a' free with life insurance' flat screen. The problem is , its tiny Next Day Flyer Printing: I could have picked it up and put the whole thing in my handbag Litho Flyer Printing Its 16'' but our old tv had a small picture in a hummungeous case so we will get used to it. And the main thing ...its free.... The old tv was an ex-school set that a friend gave us when ours died, in fact I don't think we have bought a tv for 20 years, we just had cast offs.

Going to sort the freezers out tomorrow and use up all the mystery meals. I cannot wait to get my de-hydrator for Christmas so all the extra whoopsied veg can be dried instead of taking up room in the freezer. I saw , I think it was on River cottage, you can make crisps in them too so that wil save a fortune and DGs can have parsnip and beetroot crisps which he loves.

The mad pie ladies are on the Preparing for winter thread ;)

I've seen reports from US, farmers are being sued for thousands of $$$ and in many cases being put out of business by the companies growing GM crops (Del Monte is a big one) if any of the gm plants escape into the other farmers field - windblown or self seeded, makes no difference; big businesses are determined to take control over what food is grown. A5 Flyer Printing, Gloss Flyer Printing
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